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The Pharmacist

Key Vocabulary for the Pharmacist Article1: click to hear the words 

Activities to verify and solidify key vocabulary: matching, crossword

Use this dictionary if necessary.

Listen to Article 1 and then answer the questions or listen and read along.

Article 1: The Pharmacist 

Tests for Article 1: multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks

For self study:
  • verify you understand the key words for the articles.

  • try to answer the following conversation questions, speaking out loud.

- What is a pharmacist?
- Where do pharmacists work?
- What are the main roles of a pharmacist?
- What does a pharmacist check when reviewing medication profiles?
  • listen to the audio file for the healthcare professional article and you may advance to the test questions.  Listen as many times as you need to answer the questions.

  • You can read the full articles below.

  • Go back and try answering the above conversation questions again


Read Article 1 and then answer the questions.

 Article 1: The Pharmacist 

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals that deal primarily with dispensing medications and managing patient medication regimens. The pharmacist has many responsibilities. The pharmacist fills prescriptions from doctors. The pharmacist also counsels the patient about medication, side effects, and how to use the medication correctly. Another responsibility of the pharmacist is to manage and monitor patient medication profiles. Pharmacists must check for drug interactions, proper prescribing and drug safety. The pharmacist works closely with patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to provide medication to the patient.

Roles of the pharmacist:

  • Reviewing and monitoring patient medication regimens
  • General health advice
  • Counseling patients about disease states and medication
  • Dispensing medication by prescription
  • Counseling patients about the best use of medication

Pharmacists work in a variety of places with many different specialties. Pharmacists are often the first person patients ask for medical advice. With their position in the community and because they are very accessible, pharmacists play a major role in patient care.

Pharmacist work in: Pharmacist specialties include:
  • community pharmacies
  • hospitals
  • clinics
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • government offices
  • community pharmacists
  • hospital pharmacists
  • nuclear pharmacists
  • clinical research pharmacists
  • consultant pharmacist

Tests for Article 1: multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks

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