the Pharmacist

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are healthcare professionals that deal primarily with dispensing and managing patient medication . The pharmacist has many responsibilities. The pharmacist fills from doctors. The pharmacist also the patient about medication, side , and how to use the medication correctly. Another responsibility of the pharmacist is to manage and monitor patient medication . Pharmacists must check for drug , proper prescribing and drug safety. The pharmacist works closely with patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to provide medication to the patient.

Roles of the pharmacist:
- Reviewing and monitoring patient medication regimens
- General health advice
- Counseling patients about disease states and medication
- Dispensing medication by prescription
- Counseling patients about the best use of medication

Pharmacists work in a variety of places with many different specialties. Pharmacists are often the first person patients ask for medical . With their position in the and because they are very , pharmacists play a major role in patient care.