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Diabetes: Type 1

Key vocabulary associated with the type 1 diabetes articles: 

abnormality, dehydration, infection, retinopathy, amputation, detection, insulin, starve, autoimmune disease, diabetes, insurance, subtle, blood vessels, diagnosis, ketone bodies, symptom, cells, function, kidney, toxin, circulatory, glucose, nerve, urine, complications, hyperglycemia, nutrients, damage, immune system, pancreas

Article 1: Overview of Type 1 Diabetes  discussion article with questions

Article 2: Information for the Patient  discussion article with questions

Article 3: Insulin  discussion article with questions

Article 4: Insulin Counseling Information discussion article with questions

Disease State Director for Articles 1 and 2 with asthma warm-up introduction sheet; the full article is listed in the students section.  These were slightly abbreviated to keep them short for discussion purposes.

- Discuss the topic in groups of 2-4.  Have students relay as much information as they can about the topic.  Discuss as a class some of the topics that came up in group discussion.

- Go over the key vocabulary needed for the articles

- Give one article to each student for them to read.  Once finished they should relay the article and all of its key points to their partner or group.  Partners may ask questions, verify information and discuss at any length about the article but they are not permitted to read the article or questions beforehand.

- Once discussion is finished each member should answer the questions relating to the article their partner told them about.  This should be done in interview fashion

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