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Key vocabulary associated with the

antibiotic worksheets

antibiotic, characteristic, swelling, infection, prescription, allergic reaction, bacteria, medication, protein, viral infections, nausea, synthesis, resistant, vomiting, replicate, rash, tolerable

The antibiotics worksheet to print.

Part one of this

antibiotic worksheet

  has an introduction to antibiotics.  There are

medical discussion questions

about antibiotics for warm-up. At the bottom there is a list of key vocabulary for students to review and verify meaning before proceeding to the article.

- Do the first

brain storming task

  in pairs or small groups.

- Have the students answer the discussion questions.

- Go over the key vocabulary and have the students verify the meaning of each word.  They can use the vocabulary in a sentence, write definitions for each word, list collocations, or write the translations to the side.

- Proceed to the

medical article


>- Give the article to each student for them to read.  Once finished they should relay the article and all of its key points to their partner or group.  This should be done as a

pair work


group discussion

to verify everyone understands the information.

- Have students verify information, vocabulary or expressions with each other or the teacher.

- Once discussion is finished each member should answer the questions relating to the article.  This can be done in interview fashion, or verified in groups after each student has written their answers.

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