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Giving medication to a patient and explaining a prescription

Key vocabulary associated with this

medical activity

various diseases, symptoms, prescription shorthand directions.

The giving medication worksheet to print.


medical procedure worksheet

   begins with a dialogue between a doctor and patient.  The doctor gives and explains briefly two prescriptions to the patient.  There are exercise that follow.

- Have students in pairs practice the dialogue.  Answer any vocabulary questions that may come up.

- Next have students modify the dialogue using different medications and different directions.

- There are two more pages to review common prescription directions and the shorthand forms used by doctors when writing prescriptions.

- On the last page there are exercise for students to write out the three main things they need to tell a patient when giving them a prescription: what, why and how.

what is the medication:  This medication is an antibiotic. (or the medication name)

why do they need this medication: This is medication for your infection.

how do they take the medication: Take 1 capsule three times a day for 7 days. 

- Have students practice the dialog again in pairs and then ask several groups to perform the procedures in front of the class without the handouts.

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